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As companies grow, expanding their teams and the third-party SaaS products they use on the cloud to boost productivity, so too does the potential for new security risks, as data is shared between many SaaS apps that the company’s security professionals can’t manage and don't control.

This chaotic SaaS ecosystem is attractive to attackers who exploit these often-unmonitored connections and seemingly legitimate business interactions. And because static snapshot analyses don’t consider the behavior that indicates or creates vulnerabilities, even best efforts at traditional monitoring of assets and users can’t detect all threats effectively.

That’s where Atmosec comes in. Atmosec provides continuous security for your hyperconnected SaaS ecosystem as fast as it evolves. Our unique platform understands the contextual security settings of third-party SaaS services, monitors their behavior as they interact with each other, and automates the mitigation of actual and potential risks to protect your company’s data.


Aner Gelman Atmosec Co-founder and CEO

Aner Gelman

Co-founder and CEO
Misha Seltzer Atmosec Co-founder and CEO

Misha Seltzer

Co-founder and CTO
Shaked Gitelman Atmosec Co-founder and CEO

Shaked Gitelman

Co-founder and VP R&D

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