The Automated
SaaS Security Platform

Atmosec provides continuous SaaS Security by automatically securing new services and functions as fast as the hyperconnected SaaS ecosystem evolves. Atmosec understands contextual security settings including the behavior between third-party services to automate and simplify the mitigation of actual and potential risks.

SaaS Security Behavior Posture (SSBP™)

SSBP™ simplifies SaaS security by giving CISOs a centralized view of all security issues affected by known and unknown interactions between any type of third-party software in use within their company. It automatically secures new connected services, prevents exploits with automated actions, highlights flags and prioritizes potential issues with contextual insights that enable CISOs to mitigate risk with clarity and speed.

Full SaaS Ecosystem Visibility

Includes longtail services, all account types and shadow SaaS

Analyze SaaS Behavior

Covers all SaaS service and the interactions between them

Prevent SaaS Risk

Continuous SaaS security hygiene and automated enforcement of controls

Automated protection

Rapid mitigation of actual and potential risk

SaaS Behavior Baseline Intelligence

Deep understanding of underlying SaaS behavior

Continuously Identify Risk

Automatically discover new third-party services and usage

See the big picture - What do you have?

  • Map all connected services and their behavior, including long-tail

Zoom in to critical details - What does it do?

  • Deep contextual statistics on usage including amount, nature and data access

Effortlessly Understand SaaS Behavior

A centralized view of all actual and potential SaaS security risk

Continuous machine learning with baseline analysis identifies anomalies in connections based on actual and potential behavior, not just configurations

Automatically Prevent and Protect

Automate administrative configuration and policy enforcement

Prevent attacks

  • Automate SaaS security hygiene and mundane tasks
  • Create and enforce SaaS connectivity policies
  • Reduce CISO workload with approval of low-risk add-ons

Rapid mitigation

  • Augmented decision making with contextual insights and prioritized recommendations
  • Shorten time to resolution with automatic revoking of misbehaving tokens and integrations



Installed in minutes

Atmosec integrates with third-party services and secures your company's data as fast as your SaaS ecosystem grows

Do You Know How Well All Your Connected Services Are Behaving?

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